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In the heat

Oh-kay…I’m going to do a second blog post tonight; I might as well, since I feel like it.

I’m trying to get my “official page” launched.  I’m not going to post a link here since I don’t want people to find this directly by searching for my name (they can probably find the link a few degrees away so that’s a moot concern), but I’m trying to figure out what kind of face I want to present to the world; this will mainly be about me the freelance writer, but I also want to finally make a decent photographic portfolio.  I just want to have an official face to the world for professional networking purposes.   I have to get back into the game of writing and photography; both have been on the back burner ever since I’ve been committing to the hunt for a day job, but I feel like I haven’t been doing enough of either for my own good.  How can I expect to improve if I’m not actually doing it?

Took a swim at Bathurst’s Youghall Beach last week.  I’m not a very strong swimmer but I like just to be able to get off the ground, float and maneuver myself in the water.  I feel like one of the main benefits of living here is the proximity to the ocean; it feels like a waste when the weather and work schedules don’t cooperate and I don’t even make it out to the beach as much as I want.  I feel cheated when I don’t get a few swims in the ocean during the summer.  There’s also a really nice (free!) beach at Bay Du Vin too.  I think I might want to learn how to swim better sometime; I used to be spooked by deep water when I was a kid, but right now I just want to get to a point where my swim form isn’t as awkward.

I’ve also been thinking about the amount of weight I need to lose.  I’m “Homer Simpson weight”; granted, I suppose this increases my appeal for some (especially within the Bear community) but I really think I need to get in shape and stop eating so much crap.  I really need to wean myself off the Pepsi; I’m so addicted to it I get caffeine withdrawal headaches when I try to detox.  It would probably make me feel better in a few different ways if I were to get rid of my belly.


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One thought on “In the heat

  1. I hear ya! My belly is the bane of my existence, I used to be addicted to coca cola, now I drink Zero, I don’t really like it, so I drink less and there are less calories(zero in fact) so the pounds fell off, without much effort, painless. Getting in shape takes more time and effort but, this helped and no headaches, as you wean slowly.
    A job is a job, pays the bills doesn’t define you and should allow you to do what you dream of doing by paying the bills, and 30 really isn’t old, I swear:-)

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