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4/365: Meta

In it for the purpose of breaking through
the mental strain, cramming every last thought
out onto the keyboard.

Typing hesitantly.
Straining thoughts and images out
as if they were constipation stools.

eroding all sense of flow.
Starts and stops like a jammed cassette.

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Everybody does some bad things, you know

I first saw this video a few years ago.  I have to admit it is quite well done, if more than a little creepy.  Maybe the reason why it works so well is that the real Mister Rogers was one of the true good guys of children’s broadcasting.

The PBS Digital Studios “Garden Of Your Mind” remix is awesome for a whole different reason; it’s a tribute to the power of imagination, wonder, and curiousity.

This ties into my earlier “Bad jobs” post…thought it was interesting.

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