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I really think I should be cultivating a new look for myself.   I find myself dissatisfied with the clothes in my closet.  What kind of image am I trying to present for myself?  I often feel like I’m hanging onto a version of myself from 10 years ago with all these T-shirts.  My “work clothes” from Riverview didn’t even feel like a step up.  My fashion sense is not great, but I got the feeling I looked like I was trying too hard to mute myself with those clothes.  I also don’t really have a lot that would be suitable for a night on the town.

What kind of clothes should I go for that would actually flatter me?


Hack, wheeze

I haven’t been blogging or even commenting on other blogs for the last few weeks; ever since I got back from Sappyfest I’ve been fighting something.  I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a virus or something bacterial, but I’ve been going into coughing fits.  It’s no longer as bad as it was, but every so often I start coughing, and need to get to a garbage can or Kleenex box ASAP so whatever comes out has some place to go.  I’m back to applying for jobs, but lost time and momentum due to the worst days of my condition.  I don’t know what’s worse: unemployment or being sick.

Everybody does some bad things, you know

I first saw this video a few years ago.  I have to admit it is quite well done, if more than a little creepy.  Maybe the reason why it works so well is that the real Mister Rogers was one of the true good guys of children’s broadcasting.

The PBS Digital Studios “Garden Of Your Mind” remix is awesome for a whole different reason; it’s a tribute to the power of imagination, wonder, and curiousity.

Brief jaunts

I took a day trip with my sisters on Saturday.  They had to pick up a friend of ours from the ferry terminal in Saint John, and they also had tickets to a production of Spring Awakening in Moncton that night.  I had been waffling whether to go or not but decided I might as well get out of town for the day.  Even though connection is just a message away and exit is possible, I can’t help but feel more isolated than ever when I’m in Miramichi.  Part of it is all the time I spend in my room at my computer, applying for jobs. Thanks to my impeccably bad sleeping pattern, I didn’t really get much sleep the night before, so I tried to sleep while they drove down to Saint John.  Once we picked up our friend, we decided to hit Rockwood Park for a quick dip before lunch.

I don’t mind visiting Saint John, but I’m not sure if I could ever live there; it feels more like a city than Moncton does (Saint John has that worn, established, urban vibe, where Moncton feels newer and more suburbs than city), but for some reason it just doesn’t feel like anywhere I’d settle down.  I can’t really explain it: I like the character of the city enough, I like Rockwood Park, it’s certainly not small…maybe it’s just that I don’t really have too many personal connections there.   I think part of my fondness for Halifax comes from childhood memories from when my family lived in Pictou.  Anyway, I’m rambling.

The girls and I headed to Moncton after a late lunch at East Side Mario’s (New York themed Italian restaurant chain in Canada).  It started to rain pretty heavily on the part of the highway between Sussex and Moncton, but let up by the time we had to do some walking around downtown Moncton.  The production of Spring Awakening was well done; it was the same group that had put on Rent about three years ago (Ghostlight Productions).  They’ve really grown as a theatre company and it’s always good to see cultural events organized nearby.  We had a late dinner at the Keg (worth every penny; I don’t usually go there because of the price but I hadn’t been for about two and a half years…) but decided to call off club-hopping due to a combination of exhaustion and an under-the-weather passenger.  We ended up getting back to Miramichi at about 3 am.

I’m heading to Sappyfest on Friday; I’ll be taking the train down there, staying in one of the Mount Allison University dorm rooms, and just hanging out in town enjoying the music.  Hopefully I’ll be less inclined to avoid the crowds as I was two years ago (read here, here and here for my “creative license” take on that weekend).  We should have a beer at Ducky’s.

I have a phone interview coming up on Tuesday; fingers crossed on this one.

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