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Autumn leaves, beauty’s got a hold on me

 I mentioned in a prior post that autumn in New Brunswick means you get ridiculously vivid colors when the leaves start turning.  I have to admit I don’t really have a particularly strong affection for the province for a number of reasons, but you can’t get stuff like this anywhere else.

This is one of the streets that goes from Mountain Road to St. George and Main…I took this off of John Street.


Time Enough At Last

I do apologize for the lack of updates in the last week; I was at my parents’ place in Miramichi for Thanksgiving.  In Canada, Thanksgiving is not quite the big deal it is in the States (hell, it’s not even considered a stat holiday).

This was taken on the walking trail on the Riverview side of the Petitcodiac River, right behind the Atlantic Superstore.  I wanted to make sure I got the pink in the clouds.

Pedestrian Hell

I like getting pictures of these kinds of places as the sun’s going down and the lights are being turned on because of the effect of the glowing signs.

This is a picture of one of those soulless power centres that I got the other day.  I was on Plaza Avenue waiting for a bus and got this shot as it was getting darker.  This particular area of Moncton is just hell from a pedestrian’s standpoint:  There’s a sidewalk that goes all the way down this side of the street but there isn’t one on the side of the road with the Future Shop.  It goes for a short while from Mountain Road but stops abruptly, and there are no real road crossings except at Mountain Road and the Walmart (which is a distance away from the Future Shop).  It really is more convenient to have a car in Metro.

I’ll be in Miramichi for the holiday weekend.  Updates will resume next week.

The skin around every city looks the same…

This was taken on the Kings Road on the outskirts of Sydney, NS the day my friends Norah and Greg got married about two months ago.

The title of this post comes from the Bruce Cockburn song “Silver Wheels“.  I think of that particular lyric whenever I’m on one of those strips in cities that are mostly fast food, strip malls and chain stores.  The real character of the city is more in the core: you can’t really judge Moncton by Mountain Road or Belleville by North Front Street.

It’s also quite applicable to the emergence of retail parks (often called power centres here).  Wherever the city meets up with one of the main highways, there’s usually a number of certain stores and restaurants that always go in to these areas in especially soulless and sterile buildings.  Malls still have a bit of character to them but these power centres are quite bland and homogenous.

Too late for the last bus

The sun’s starting to set earlier now that’s summer’s over.  I usually don’t get out of work until well after dark even in summer but I was walking around the commercial strip just east of the causeway one evening and managed to get this shot just before it was too dark to shoot without a tripod.  One of the things I’m enjoying about  having a DSLR is that I can actually get the different colors I see at night as the sun is setting and I especially like this one.

Riverview’s bus connection with Moncton is spotty at best, with one bus going across the river per hour, no service after the early evening most nights (Thursday and Friday have service until about 10), and no service at all on Sundays.  Most of the things I’m interested in activity-wise are across the river in Moncton, but the main thing that keeps me in Riverview is the fact that my apartment is in very close proximity to my day job.

Autumn and alcohol

I’ve gone to this bar a couple of times with a few friends of mine, mainly because the atmosphere here is actually conducive enough to holding a conversation.  I don’t mind going to places with music or dancing but sometimes I actually do want to be able to hear what the other person is saying.  The main entrance to the bar is actually off a pedestrian-only stretch that stretches between Main and Queen Streets near where the train tracks cross diagonally, and is right by few more trendy (and well-dressed favoring) nightspots, a tobacco store, a theatre and a coffeeshop. 

You can see from this picture that the leaves are starting to turn in New Brunswick.  After 10 years in this province I still marvel at the colours.

Three out of four ain’t bad

Taken along the Gunningsville Bridge at dusk; the last shot I got in before my camera’s batteries died.  I’ve walked across the bridge between Riverview and Moncton a few times already and I’ve always thought about getting some pictures from the bridge, either of the Petitcodiac River or the Moncton cityscape.

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