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This is the game that moves as you play

I had a dream last night that I was in Halifax; it wasn’t really a pre-meditated, planned trip, more of a “Hey, I’m in Halifax” thing.  I remember waiting for a bus along Pleasant Street near where my friends’ house is.  I wonder if that’s supposed to be a sign that I’m going to be back in the area sometime soon.  It’s been over three months since my last trip.  I’d like my next time there to be related to job interviews though.

How many applications need to go out before you hear back?  I’ve retooled my resume since last spring to show more of my skills, but I still have to wonder if I’m doing enough specializing for each application.  I’m looking to leverage six years worth of call centre experience, a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, a little bit of radio experience and various summer jobs into something that I could get some new experience in.

I’m going to Sappyfest in a few weeks.  Bought my tickets a while back and took advantage of a VIA Rail sale for this (probably the last time I’ll get to before the service gets slashed out here).  It would be good to see people roughly my age (although I suspect the baby hipsters will be out in full bloom this time); one thing I notice every time I go out somewhere in Miramichi is how a lot of the people in restaurants or Tim Hortons are 60 and older…


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