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Pink Abyss

This was shot a few nights ago by the causeway.  I love taking pictures of traffic trails and the colors in the sky as the sun goes down, when even the metal railings and the pavement benefit from the way the light hits it.

I knew when I got my camera last August I was going to want to take a lot of pictures like this, so I also invested in a tripod a few months later.  I do love being able to take pictures but I really am wondering about what I want to actually achieve with what I’m shooting.  I’ve been sticking with landscapes, city scenes and crowds, as well as the random snapshot on outings.  I’ve been taking spur of the moment shots, hastily composed shots due to time crunches and experimenting with different settings just to see what I’m capable of, but I am always looking for ways to improve what I’m doing so far.

It’s all about communication, whether it’s to convey the pulse and vibrancy of a city at night or some aspect of a friend’s personality.

What do I want to say?  What can I say?


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