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Scraps from yesterday

I decided to go downtown to get a little writing done yesterday.  When I go to a coffee-shop to write, though, things come out in spurts: not really a coherent narrative but just whatever farts out of my head.  Thoughts, character sketches, playing around with words and phrases that pop into mind.

Some of the better ones (with minor tweaking for clarity):

Bloody blades of a story.  I can see the nakedness of your thought before I moved into your sphere. Young collegiate women with their schoolwork, giggles barely rising through the music; an electric throwback.  With what should I keep myself entertained?

The fog of my own thoughts and insecurities.  It takes a special person to able to cut through this.  If you can manage this, and make me a little more human when I interact with you, you’re in.  (The sky turned grey).  I’ve grown to realize these aren’t flukes, but not something to take for granted.

The cars pass by, red tail lights streaking past the stationary glow of each sign across the street.  Several stories above, a crane teeters limp – at rest.

Grace was always looking at people with a lack of patience and an interrogative stare – as if she demanded that your returning her gaze clarified what the fuck it was you wanted.

Cha cha Charlie –  Waiting for the groove to end.

I decided that I’m actually going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year; I really want to get my writing discipline back, even if it is just to vomit words onto a page for me to pick coherent nuggets out of later.


Daylight adjustment

I’ve been keeping busy for the last few weeks; I went to Nocturne (I knew one of the presenting artists) and attended a week-long job search workshop at Job Junction.  I also ended up getting work; I’m not going to say where and what it is on this public space, but it’s a little different than what I had been doing for the last few years.  Money will probably be a little tight for me for a while, but I’m glad to get something so soon after I moved here.   It’s still a bit of an adjustment waking up so early, though: to catch the bus, I have to make sure I’m down at the corner by 7:20 (also want to make sure I don’t get held up in traffic): it’s quite an change from my days of staying up and sleeping in, which I admit I still do on the weekend.

I live in the outer edges of Fairview (depending on who you ask: Google Maps puts me in Clayton Park West and the HRM Neighborhood Map puts me in Mount Royal).  It’s not that close to downtown but at the same time it doesn’t feel cut off from it; that was the big problem I had when I lived in Riverview.  The bus system isn’t perfect but it’s by and far better than anything else in the region.  I think I’ll post pictures of the apartment once I have it all cleaned up a little bit more.  I still haven’t unpacked/sorted all my stuff, owing partially to exhaustion and owing partially to procrastination.  Still, a good chunk of it is in its proper place.  I’m fastidious like that.

There’s a lot to do here: different food to keep my palate from getting bored, cultural events and artistic exhibits, a decent music scene and a greater openness.  One thing that really helps is that I know some people in the area, either from school or online.  I know I need to be putting myself out there a bit more and meeting new people, but I’ve met up with a couple of friends already.   Now that I know I have money coming in, I’m more willing to meet people up for coffee or a beer.  The important thing is to network, though, and meet new people: not something that comes easy to me.  I don’t meet people sitting in my apartment, though…I need to summon my boldness.

I’m convinced that moving to Halifax was the best decision I made in a while.

Return to blogging

Sorry for the month-long break in blogging, but I’ve actually gone ahead and made a huge change in my life: I’ve finally moved to Halifax, NS.

I’m mostly settled in: I still need to find a day job (fast) but I’ve been doing what I can to get something here, even just for the short term.  I’m also looking into different areas where I could volunteer and trying to think of other ways I could network and meet people here.  Despite the number of friends I have in the area I haven’t really been too social this last week.  Better fix that soon.

Any other bloggers in the area, feel free to get in contact with me.

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