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One of the things I don’t like about winter is how it takes away my motivation to do much, especially when it’s too cold outside or we’re being walloped with another 15-25 cm of snowfall.  Days like we’ve been having in New Brunswick don’t really lend to well towards the urge to go outside and take pictures.  When everything starts to thaw and the sun’s not paired with icy blasts, I will definitely be getting out more but until then I’m digging into my archives.  I do realize how beautiful it can be during the winter but I’ve always preferred a little bit more color.

On that subject, sometimes you can find color in other places when everything on the ground is a frigid white.  I got this shot on my way to Ontario last month when were at a rest stop on Autoroute 20 somewhere between Riviere-Du-Loup and Quebec City, and the sub was already starting to come down.


Dilly Time

Daffodil is my sister Carrie’s cat but if you ask her, I’m Daffodil’s person.  Daffodil, or Dilly for short, is 2 years old, loves to be held and is easily the most social of the four cats living at my parents’ house.  She’s a very vocal cat, constantly chirping and an especially loud purrer: every time I pick her up and start stroking she begins this combination chirp and purr that can be heard a room away.

We’ve given her the middle name Snapdragon because as sweet as she is, she hasn’t quite gotten that her playful biting isn’t particularly appreciated.  She’ll sometimes do a little nibble on our hands or fingers when we’re petting her followed immediately by licking where she bit, or sometimes she’ll try to “catch” our hands and start chewing on them.  We do pull away (usually with an “Ow”) but she does the same thing to her stuffed toy kitty.   She also goes up to the other cats, puts her paw around them and starts chewing.  Lola and Toby don’t really like it but Natalie (the oldest) puts up with it longer.

Dilly also is a bit of an escape artist.  We’ve gotten her spayed but we also keep her and Lola inside (Natalie and Toby were outdoor cats before my parents moved into their current house on the main street in town: they at least have the sense to stay away from the street).  Dilly is quite persistent in her attempts to get out and scratches at the door post (actually, only after it was painted), and keeps meowing pathetically in the hopes someone will mistake her for Nat and Toby.  I have a feeling that part of this is really a ruse to get one of us to pick her up, because as soon as I hold her she starts purring again.

This was taken last October on my bed.  Note Toby is in the background.


I apologize for the length of time since my last upload.

Not long after I had gone to Sappyfest, I went on vacation to PEI.  I had intended to start a project about taking pictures in the various cities I lived but I felt really hamstrung by the relative lack of time I had to spend in Sherwood, PEI and Pictou, NS, and a scratch on my brand-new circular polarizer filter also demotivated me quite a bit.

I also quit my job at a Riverview call centre shortly afterward.  Most of my friends had been trying to convince me to leave for the longest time.  I eventually moved back to my parents’ place in Miramichi, NB for the time being to allow myself to save some money.  I do not intend to settle down here but I’ve found work at another call centre; this particular one is an improvement over my last job in many respects, even though I am making significantly less than I had been at my old job.  The bills are being paid, anyway.

I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures.  I’ve had a few distractions over the past few months including the death of my uncle and grandmother in the span of less than three months, and getting used to the new job was my main priority.  With the start of the new year I decided that it is time to make good on a number of personal goals, including getting serious about my writing and photography.  I hope to have a professional webspace by the end of the year.

This picture was taken in Southampton, ON the week of my grandmother’s funeral.  This is Lake Huron from the end of High Street; most of the times I’ve visited were in the summer and we would go swimming at the nearby beach.  I really was struck by how much darker the sky was than the lake, solid white from the ice and snow covering the water.

You Gotta Have Something In 4/4 Time

I spent the last weekend in Sackville, NB attending Sappyfest, a music festival that’s been held in the town for the past five years; I’ve gone for the last three.  The first time was totally on impulse and wasn’t particularly well thought out, but there’s something to be said about having to take shelter from the pouring rain in ATM booths and a covered bridge in the waterfowl park in the early morning while listening to Joni Mitchell’s “Hissing Of Summer Lawns” on my iPod.  The second and third year were more adequately planned.  Ostensibly I come for the music but it’s also a chance to see familiar souls from my days at Mount Allison University as well as to wander off and just drink in the stillness at the edge of town.

This railway bridge is right besides the crumbling remains of another bridge that used to cross the water.  I’ve heard a few different nicknames for the former bridge (“The Bridge At The End Of The World” seems pretty apt considering the phenomenon of the “Sackville Bubble”) but whatever it was called it was a choice spot for people to take certain substances and gaze out across the expanse at the Trans-Canada Highway and the radio towers.  It’s one of those places that no Sackville experience is complete without.

On that subject, I will be writing a piece for my other blog, Huckleberry Masks, about the weekend.  It’s not going to be a strictly journalistic/narrative entry; mainly dreamlike fragments and feelings.  Part fact, part fiction, part realistic, part dream.  To just report the facts would not do a place like Sackville justice; it is a town of tangents and detours, of impulse and impression.

Pink Abyss

This was shot a few nights ago by the causeway.  I love taking pictures of traffic trails and the colors in the sky as the sun goes down, when even the metal railings and the pavement benefit from the way the light hits it.

I knew when I got my camera last August I was going to want to take a lot of pictures like this, so I also invested in a tripod a few months later.  I do love being able to take pictures but I really am wondering about what I want to actually achieve with what I’m shooting.  I’ve been sticking with landscapes, city scenes and crowds, as well as the random snapshot on outings.  I’ve been taking spur of the moment shots, hastily composed shots due to time crunches and experimenting with different settings just to see what I’m capable of, but I am always looking for ways to improve what I’m doing so far.

It’s all about communication, whether it’s to convey the pulse and vibrancy of a city at night or some aspect of a friend’s personality.

What do I want to say?  What can I say?


This shot was taken out at Five Islands Provincial Park on the Minas Basin in Nova Scotia.  I went camping at a private campground near Glenholme on Victoria Day weekend (the weekend before Memorial Day for all you Yanks), but on the way back to New Brunswick we drove along the coast instead of using the Cobequid Pass toll highway.

This may offend some New Brunswickers, but I’ve always preferred Nova Scotia’s scenery to New Brunswick.  This is not to say that New Brunswick is entirely lacking but it really does feel like it’s the “drive-thru” province sometimes.

La danse du paysage

I got this shot when the weather started warming up around here.  This is on the Riverfront Trail in Dieppe (part of the Trans Canada Trail), right behind that ugly strip mall and the Kent Building Supplies on Champlain Street, just east of where Moncton ends and Dieppe begins.  You’d never expect something this vast and open would be so close to that hideously generic cluster of buildings near the mall, but if you just walk for a bit, there it is.  The trail snakes along the Petitcodiac River; I haven’t really gone too much further in that direction but that’s something I’d like to do in the near future: just walking slowly with nothing but my camera, my iPod, and my notebook.

Things come to me in that kind of state; there’s an openness and receptiveness that isn’t there when I’m in front of a computer screen or in the city.  I love city living but I need that periodic escape.

The Ocean

I went to Cape Breton last summer for my friends’ wedding; the day after the ceremony, the bride, groom, myself and another friend of the couple went to the beach at Kennington Cove near Louisbourg.  It was a hot August afternoon and it couldn’t have been a better day to get some pictures; this was right after I got my DSLR and a perfect opportunity to get some of that picturesque Cape Breton scenery.

I’ve always loved going out near the water and I always want to take pictures whenever I am out there.  One of the good things about being in Atlantic Canada is that you’re never too far from the ocean; there are so many potential photographic opportunities I haven’t taken advantage of yet.  I’d also love to go out west to get some shots of the Pacific someday.

It’s Another World Here

I’m back on the Toronto pictures.  This one was taken in the Canon Theatre foyer.  I remember one time going to a theatre in Winnipeg back when I was a kid and for some reason this reminded me of this.  Not quite as ornate though. The inside of the theatre is even more spectacular; I respect the rules forbidding photography in the actual theatre, but I don’t think a simple photograph can even come close to capture what it’s like in there.  I like the crowds of people milling about here.

We ended up going twice on Sunday: the matinee and the evening show.  It was the last day they were there and my sisters had planned on going for a while.  Personally I would have been fine just going one time but we were in different seats for each show: we sat really far up for the matinee and a little closer to the stage for the evening show.  It was interesting to get two different perspectives on the show and see the different performances.

Really interesting mural there too.

Down in the Flood

This is another picture from that night I went out to the river around sundown.   Before the causeway gates were opened that area where the guy was standing was underwater.   I actually have a picture of where there was some flooding last October when it was still considered a lake.  I don’t have a picture from the same angle but I do have a shot of roughly the same area the guy is standing in, although the water was a little higher than normal that night.

You can see the difference.  I kind of like it better now; there’s more movement in the water.  It’s as it should be.

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