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I’ve been terrible about blogging lately, and to be honest, I’ve hit another block of dissatisfaction when it comes to this and the other blogs I keep in my name.  I’m wondering if this is too much of a diversion from keeping an “official” web presence under my real name, but I realize doing that has implications on my professional image.  I like having the potential for wider audience than a friends-only Livejournal post, but don’t feel as free to write about more negative emotional states or sexuality here than I would there.  This space is supposed to keep me writing, but I find the block is coming at me again when I’m here.

I was glad to see 2012 off: there were a few highlights, and an important life change, but I also had another bout of illness (whooping cough in August/September), my parents’ dog died in Novemberand the whole spell of unemployment I went through until I did get work took its toll on me.  It really did not help that I was living at home in an atmosphere that seemed to enable pessimism and reclusiveness, and the combination of it all brought me the biggest crisis in self-confidence I suffered in about 7 years.  I’m glad to be in my own space again, and working at a steady job for now (even if it is a term position that may not last too much longer): I feel a bit more in control of my life and my destiny, and that helps.

But what of the new year? Where do I want to be at years’ end?  Grand pronouncements that a year is going to be better than the last tend to blow up in the face of the person that make them, as do promises of lofty goals.  I tried doing 30 before 30 last year.  Didn’t exactly get everything done, but it was worth a try.  I thought I would try to get another list of goals posted sometime by the end of the week, which I’m still trying to winnow down.

I think it’s time to think about what I really want out of life again, though.  I’m so used to practicality and trying to be satisfied with the low-hanging fruit, and I really need a little more inspiration this time around.  If you have a suggestion for something to get out of this year, I would really love to hear it.


What’s upon us…

New Years Eve is usually the night where you make these well-intentioned promises to improve one aspect of yourself, and by the time spring rolls around, you’ve reneged on at least three of them.  New Years Eve is also one of those nights where it’s socially acceptable to get shitfaced to the point where you question your life’s choices.   I had a few rum and Pepsis tonight to just make it different from any other night, but I don’t have the energy or the desire to get myself wearing the proverbial lampshade hat anyway, and I think I’m just going to turn in after watching a few DVDs or listening to a little music.

I can’t say years have been good or bad anymore.  There’s such a mixture of the welcome with the absolute excrement that occurs in any given year that I’m not willing to write a year off or give it a free pass like I used to.  My grandmother died right at the beginning of the year, I got laid off in October, and I’m still in Miramichi right now, but I also had the opportunity to spend time with friends I hadn’t seen in ages, and I’ve narrowed down my search for a new city to Halifax, and I’ll get back to the ensuing job hunt once I’m not so distracted by holidays and visiting sisters from up North.  I’ve read blog posts that were written with such precision and pull that I could only dream about being able to approach, and I’ve connected with many different people online.  I was both brazen and cautious about what I shared about myself, and I’ve alternately reached out and pulled away.  My main regret is how much stasis still exists in my life, and all the things I vow to change about myself yet never actually commit to doing.

I find myself contemplating the nature of the universe time and time again.  I see all the negativity around me and that I’ve had my part in, particularly when it’s related to politics.  I struggle with ideas that I’ve been surrounded by since childhood, and whether I can truly subscribe to some set definition of the meaning of life to the exclusion of all others.  I find definitions for myself that fluctuate from one minute to the next, and grow fainter the more I succumb to routine and playing it safe.

I turn 30 this year.   In too many ways I still don’t feel like an adult, but in too many other ways I feel much older than I really am.

I would like to wish a happy new year to all my friends, followers and readers, but I think it’s more appropriate to wish that they have what they need to get through the next revolution around the sun.  I can’t guarantee it’s going to be a good year for anyone much less myself, and it’s basically just another stumble into chance, whether it’s some sort of predestined path we’re being thrown into or not.  But I hope I don’t stray too far from you.

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