Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30


I really think I should be cultivating a new look for myself.   I find myself dissatisfied with the clothes in my closet.  What kind of image am I trying to present for myself?  I often feel like I’m hanging onto a version of myself from 10 years ago with all these T-shirts.  My “work clothes” from Riverview didn’t even feel like a step up.  My fashion sense is not great, but I got the feeling I looked like I was trying too hard to mute myself with those clothes.  I also don’t really have a lot that would be suitable for a night on the town.

What kind of clothes should I go for that would actually flatter me?


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One thought on “Wardrobe

  1. I say, start with a pair of shoes that makes you feel awesome and build from there. It’s amazing how different styles of shoes can make you feel – I have some shoes that I can’t wear to work because they make me feel lazy, and others that make me feel like a semi-powerful business woman even though I work in retail, heh.

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