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Winnipeg Love Hate: I lived in Manitoba for nine years when I was growing up (Selkirk for five, then Winnipeg for four).  I still get a little homesick for the West every now and then, and whenever I see pictures of Winnipeg it reminds me of what an amazing city it is.   I don’t know if I’d ever move back there, but I regret not being old or self-aware enough to have fully appreciated the city when I was in it, so I wouldn’t mind a visit back one of these days.

Full House Reviewed: I used to enjoy Full House until I got to the age where I could realize what an awful show it really was.  This site is absolutely merciless in its takedowns of the logic leaps, unlikable characters and horrible messages that the show sends.  The reviewer is almost finished season 5, the year that Michelle seemed to obnoxiously retort “DUH!” in every episode.  (That’s not cute, that’s being an asshole).  The show only gets worse from there…


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