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Politics redux

Ayn Rand quotes are the right wing’s Che Guevara posters.  I disagree with the right on a lot of issues, yet for all their posturing about how they live in the “real world”, it comes off just as idealistic as anything I’ve read about ending poverty.  I’m no longer horrified, but I still get angry when I see how this idealism is matched with condescension toward the less fortunate (my biggest trigger), or bundled up with thinly-veiled racism, sexism or homophobia.

This American election coming up this fall reminds me so much of a shriller, parties-reversed version of 2004.  In the White House, you have a President that the other side seems to viscerally loathe.  They question the legitimacy of his presidency, and his first term is marked by one particularly polarizing decision.  For all the outrage and hand-wringing on their part, though, their challenger in the election is particularly uninspiring: a Massachusetts politician considered the “safe” choice in a group of more colorful candidates, with a reputation for flip-flopping and not much more to their platform than opposition to the polarizing decision the President made.  The main difference is there’s a lot more money involved in the race (thank you, Supreme Court) and the noise level is just to the point where everything is so obnoxious that I can’t wait until it’s all over.

I hope the Republican Party comes to its senses.  It’s gone so far to the right that even respected conservative judges are calling them “goofy”.


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