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The wanderlust begins again

I’m craving another trip to Halifax, but I’m waiting until I hear back about potential employment to go: don’t really want to spend the money to get down and back unless I have a pragmatic reason.  I know I’ve touched on that point in my last post though.  My urge to go back down must be because it’s been a year since my vacation there, or just displaced envy of my sisters’ New York trip.  Pride’s coming up in Halifax, but if I had to make a choice between that and Sappyfest in early August, I’d go with Sappy.  Hope I’m at least in Hali before the VIA Rail service gets cut down to three days a week.

I finally finished one of my projects: I had been reviewing the 1980-81 season on my other blog, and finished the last review this week.  I still have a season-in-review retrospective left to do, but I’m glad to finally get that behind me.  The whole lot of my SNL reviews is listed here (as well as a list of episodes I’m looking for copies of: original broadcasts, particularly).  It’s basically a way for me to just keep watching old episodes of SNL over and over again, but I found the whole process rather draining toward the end.  After giving myself a break from the whole SNL review game for a little bit, I’m going to do my next reviews in a roundtable discussion format with a few other people.

I’m sorry I’m so distant these days.  Time keeps disappearing and I don’t feel like I have much to show for it.  I wonder if this indicates I have some kind of problem.  I would love to go out for a beer with you, somewhere where the music’s not too loud and we can actually hear each other.


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