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My sisters are going to New York this weekend.  I’m a little disappointed that it’s already their third trip and I still haven’t gone.  I have to be practical, though: while I wouldn’t mind another trip outside of Miramichi one of these days, I have to conserve money and really hit the job hunt aggressively.  I don’t even feel right about another trip to Halifax unless I have something related to employment lined up there.

I didn’t get the position in Moncton that I had interviewed for: it did seem like a good company, but I think not getting this job only made my mind up that I didn’t really want to be in Moncton anyway.  Time to focus on getting into Halifax as soon as possible.  For all my grand overtures about wanting to move to the city that I’ve been making for the past year, I really haven’t been doing enough to make it happen.  Now that I don’t really have much on the horizon I can focus on just getting out of Miramichi.  I’ve been feeling like I’ve put my whole life on hold for the last few months anyway.

This weekend I’m writing some long overdue letters to people and getting caught up on blogs I’ve neglected.

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