Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30


I’m thinking it’s high time I go around Miramichi with my camera and take a bunch of pictures.

I don’t explore enough.  I usually go from point A to point B.  Even if I take my time and soak it all in, I usually have a set goal in doing so.  Maybe I’m just concerned about getting lost.  This applies to even my photography: I have to play around more than I used to.  I’m struggling to remember advice given to me at the wedding regarding taking outstanding pictures, but one thing I got from it is that I’m just too content to just “take” the picture instead of building it or searching for a way to make it memorable.  I don’t disagree.

This comes to mind when I think about other areas of my life.  Career wise, I have always been looking for specific and easily-attainable work.  I first got into the call centre industry before I was even finished my BA.  My move outside of Miramichi was mainly through that same company.  When I finally decided I had enough, I ended up working for another call centre because I knew there were jobs around, and I knew I could do it; it was also one of those employers that advertise on the government’s job bank site.

I get intimidated by the open-endedness of things sometimes.  I should embrace it.


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