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I got a call from an old friend this week.  I’m not someone who uses the phone part of my cellphone too much, but it was good talking with someone whose voice I hadn’t heard in almost two years.  I’m thinking that someday I might as well take his advise and take up fishing (don’t really like eating fish though).

I house-sat for my parents this week while they went on a vacation; nice to have a little more time to myself.  I’ve also been digitizing some of my VHS tapes, doing work on the ol’ resume and trying to get some stuff cleaned and sorted.

Now that I know what’s going on with the whole EI thing, I’m relieved that it will take some time to implement, but I still don’t like what they’re doing.  It’s going to be a disaster for Atlantic Canada (read a good explanation here) and I really am thinking that the goal is to turn the region into a seaside resort for the wealthy and third-world-like conditions for the rest of us.   I also resent people with gold-plated pensions telling people to accept any job within an hour’s drive (which is a lot in a rural province like New Brunswick, especially in areas with shitty roads and bad weather) that pays as little as 70% of their previous job’s wages.  I’ve written Jim Flaherty, Diane Finley and my local MP about the issue, but I feel like the Conservative MPs don’t necessarily serve the people of their region, they merely exist for Stephen Harper’s agenda to ram through Parliament, and then their constituencies get “rewards”.

Judging by the legislation introduced in the last year that has held many unpleasant surprises, I have to wonder if Harper would actually try getting rid of same-sex marriage in Canada, or worse, recriminalizing homosexuality.

I close with the following thought about Diane Finley: have you ever noticed that in ever single picture of her, she looks like the most horribly condescending person?

This week’s going to have a massive blitz of job applications sent out.   My friend’s wedding is a week away…can’t wait.


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2 thoughts on “Sitting around

  1. Thanks for the link-back to my blog. It’s nice to see other people posting about this issue. And I agree completely with your description…I think what we’re looking at is a genuine desire for all the skilled trades and industrial work to move out of Nova Scotia so that it can be something of a retirement and resort location and nothing more. And I see it happening already, even without the EI changes, as wave after wave of young people leave to look for half-decent work and all we’re left with are the retirees who bitch and whine about the environment every time an industry actually attempts coming here.

  2. You don’t have to eat the fish, catch and release:-)

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