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Under the weather

I’ve been fighting this cold for a few days.  I suppose nobody enjoys being sick, but the stuffed nose and sore throat is the worst.  I’ve always hated it.  Vomiting is more unpleasant overall, but it’s at least temporary and you do feel a little relief when you stop.  With stuffed noses and sore throats, they just linger until they just fade away.  You don’t even get the catharsis.

I suppose I am a little hard on Miramichi.  It’s mainly the town (still can’t think of it as a city) proper that’s the most frustrating, and I suppose some of the isolating aspects (especially culturally) are mitigated with internet access.  What I think it boils down to (besides economic issues) is that I’m the type who gets energized by the city, especially the diversity and opportunities for different kinds of experiences they provide.  A lot of Miramichi’s problems are also really New Brunswick’s problems in general: they’re just easier to mask in bigger cities.  (On a tangent, one of my complaints about Moncton is that they seem to think their vitality of a city is measured into how many generic big-box stores/restaurants they can attract.  Trying to copy every other place is easier than fostering and developing a unique city atmosphere, I suppose).

There are actually a few really nice spots even within Miramichi city limits.  Once you go out into the surrounding country, though, you get into the great scenery.  Once I’m feeling better, I’m going to grab my camera and try to get some pictures.  I hope the weather cooperates with me.

I want to explore the province a bit more and see a few spots I haven’t really visited, or just drove by on my way to somewhere.   New Brunswickers, recommend a spot to me to photograph.  I don’t really want to stick to the really overdone places that everyone goes to.


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