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Today I met with an employment counselor to discuss the possibility of going back to school.   She was absolutely useless, basically telling me that since I already have a Bachelor’s Degree, I don’t qualify for anything to help fund retraining (never mind my father got something like that a few years ago and he had his Master’s).  Basically also gave me a bit of an attitude, at least what I was sensing, like “unless you can afford to live in another city full-time first before you get a job, you might as well settle for what’s here”.  There are jobs in my city, but there’s very little that aren’t call centre or Wal-Mart jobs.  Of if there are, I don’t really have the specific skill set (without going back to school), or they’re for something I’m completely ill-suited for.  I honestly got more help from the place in Halifax I dropped in.  Maybe she’s paid to keep people from fleeing the crumbling city; I don’t know.  She’s not worth getting worked up over, let alone her cushy paycheck.

The plan I have is just to do something for the next year (pay down some debt, get space, save money) and go back to school the year after that.   I’m wondering whether I should do Fredericton, Halifax, or another city.  I have a feeling my relocation options are limited to where I can get to within a day.  I’d love to go further afield and I wonder if I should get out of the Maritimes, but at the same time I feel like I’ve missed the train on career paths and opportunities, wasted too much time in the call centres, and basically cancelled out my degree.


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One thought on “In the employment desert

  1. Ben, it’s never too late and job experience is never wasted. You are a personable, articulate man ,you’ll find something. When we are unemployed sometimes it seems insurmontable. You need to get back to what you love and maybe you do need to consider a move in the next few years. It sounds trite but you will get through this, we do.

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