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Professional directions

As I mentioned here earlier, I moved my blog away from a page that included my full name into a more anonymous sphere to allow greater freedom in my posts without having it linked to my easily-pinpointable surname.  I decided to keep a hold of the site with my full name to work into a professional page (buying the domain name as well) where I’m going to host my photography portfolio and basically just present my professional side.  I’ve written a few things that were published in papers: one was a freelance submission for my university paper, while another article was commissioned after I wrote a letter to my local paper in support of someone who was getting a lot of flak from the townsfolk for portraying the city in a less-than-flattering light.  Both were years ago.  I’m thinking of also using it as my writing site.

If anyone has advice on setting up a professional page, I would appreciate it greatly.  As I transition between careers and potentially go back to school, I need to make sure I have a good presence on the web.


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