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I’m considering going back to school, either for next year, or taking a job for the next year with the intention of going back to school for the year after.  The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Canadian Studies and English I have just isn’t enough.  I don’t have the patience to teach, and I’d probably need some upgrading of my GPA if I were to try to do a Masters, so I’m trying to assess what I could probably see myself doing as a career and looking at the various websites for colleges around the country.  I’ve been thinking of doing something a little more practical/hands-on but at the same time I don’t want to leap into something I’m good at but don’t necessarily enjoy.  I’m looking for any advice some of you may have with regard to this.

I need to think short-term and long-term right now.  My problem is that I end up getting comfortable in a bad situation, like one of my previous jobs: I knew I didn’t care for it, I knew it was making me miserable, and I knew my life was disappearing while I worked there, but I was so used to the money (which was merely OK but well-enough above minimum wage after the “attendance bonus”).  I thought I was doing the responsible thing, but is it really all that responsible to resign yourself to a situation that makes you miserable?

I accidentally logged into Facebook for a second today.  I don’t think the week off Facebook or Twitter really helped matters any with regard to my bad habits, and I think I ended up just isolating myself even further.


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2 thoughts on “Re-education

  1. The first thing I hope you realize is that your situation is absurdly common so don’t get down on yourself over it. You are wise enough to realize the trap you will likely fall into if you jump into anything too quickly – so make sure you listen to your self.

    This is the first post I have read of yours so I apologize for not getting to know you better before leaving my two cents, but I would suggest trying to find something like a paid internship – something to give you some new experience, make enough to pay the bills (hopefully) and time to just breathe and reflect on all of your education, experiences and goals. By its nature an internship is temporary, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting stuck.

    And don’t completely discount teaching – most great teachers never planned on being one.

  2. I’m pretty much in the same boat. I have a degree and a half in music (although I’ve only got one course left to take in those I have interest in taking in my current program) and no idea really what I’m going to do with my life. I’ve gotten a slightly above minimum wage job and I plan to stay there until at least the time that I figure out just what I might want to do next. I think I need a career counselor or something..

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