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Election 2012: Wake me when it’s over.

I’m at a point where I’m just frustrated with the American political system; it seems like it’s going to be a not-particularly-hopeful situation no matter who wins.  I’m more a fan of Obama than Romney myself, but even if he does win, is anything going to get done, especially if there’s a Republican majority in the House or Senate.  If Romney wins, I think there is still some hope he’ll be a decent President if he skews centrist and doesn’t kowtow to the evangelicals and the Church of Ayn Rand.   If he doesn’t, though, he’s not going to get a second term.  It does seem like the far right wing is basically trying to turn back the clock fifty years without having a lick of sense that Dwight Eisenhower had.  There’s really not a lot of vision from either side, though.  Or if there is, there’s one that opposes it equally.

I can’t wait for the election to be over.  For all the talk about those horrible policies enacted under Obama’s watch (such as NDAA or HR 347), I don’t think the Republicans really want to undo them either.

I’m not really thinking too clearly right now.  I’m just crabby.  It’s not even my country.


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