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I’ve made my travel plans for my friend’s wedding in June.  Now that I have this out of the way, I can relax a little bit and focus on the job hunt.  I don’t expect to need to move before the wedding.  In a way, it’s disappointing, but in another way, it’s a load off my mind.  I haven’t had a chance to see my friend in over three and a half years, and I knew I’d regret not going more than another period of time in Miramichi.

I need to travel every once in a while.  To many, it’s a luxury, but for me, it’s necessary.  I moved around a lot when I was a kid and staying in one place for so long doesn’t come natural to me.  At first, I resented having to uproot.  Now, I find if I’m in the same place for a long period of time I end up feeling trapped.  I felt it when I lived in Riverview, and I really feel it here.

I’ve set it up so I spend the most amount of time I can in Toronto over the course of the three days.  I’m probably going to have to find a place to stay in Moncton the night before and the night after my trip, though.


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One thought on “Flight booked

  1. Besides the Toronto and Moncton needs, have you spent the time to research things to do? Have fun!!!

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