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Day two of my Twitter/Facebook hiatus.  Despite trying to get to sleep early last night, and waking up at a decent hour this morning for breakfast, I fell asleep again and woke up with a slight headache sometime in the afternoon.  I wonder if it’s merely my poor sleep and eating habits catching up with me or if it’s the sign of something more serious.

I’m still trying to think of things to write about.  As Schmutzie reminds us, our true words are powerful things.  I want to make sure that what I post here is my truth.  In the meantime, while I figure out the best way to articulate this truth, I might as well share some links to some blogs I’ve been frequenting.

I’m enjoying the blog posts of Daisy Eagan and Mara Wilson.  Both are now-grown child actors, and I find their writing has this quality to it that I like.  If either had a book of autobiographical essays out, I’d buy it.

Graeme DeCarie’s The Moncton Times & Transcript: Good and Bad is a critical review of Moncton’s daily newspaper, which is not so much an example of quality journalism as it is of trivia,  local boosterism and propaganda.  In a province where the print media is controlled by one company, and with Stephen Harper’s cuts to the CBC, a site that analyzes and comments on what’s in this paper is much needed.

Life coach Kaitlyn S.C.  Hatch has a lot of wisdom to share.  There are times when what she posts coincides with what I really need to hear.

Musician and writer Adele Bertei’s site actually has three blog sections: News is where she talks about the current goings-on in her life, with a little bit of remembrance and philosophical perspective mixed in.  Blog is home to Cervello Orchidea, which has her thoughts on a specific subject.  Tribute is similar, but about a person (or, in one post, bridges) that made an impact on her.

I’m a child of television, and some of the best episodes of my favorite shows have been written By Ken Levine.

The pages on my sidebar are worth checking out.  One caveat: Existentialist Weightlifting is also mine.  Sorry for the self-promotion.


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