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Emotional Whiplash

I’m actually going to stop going online at midnight every night.  I feel like I’m still using the computer as an excuse to not do anything.  Checking my stats on my blog page and checking my e-mail has become a substitute for social networking.  I’m getting pretty resentful of my computer for no good reason.  Is it something wrong with me?  Am I just whining?

Maybe it’s a sign of maturity that I just need to walk away from anything that’s so unnecessary and so compulsive.  I also think that it’s just a sign that I’m waiting for excitement to fall into my lap.

I’m getting into surly, introspective moods these days.  I need to force myself out of habit and the familiar.  Not so easy, though.


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2 thoughts on “Emotional Whiplash

  1. dtcrsby on said:

    One handy trick I use is to set up LeechBlock on your browser so that it blocks the internet from 11 PM to 6 AM. At least 7 hours of sleep 🙂

  2. Hey Ben,

    Be kind to yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. Looking for a job is uncertain and tough for anyone.

    Beth & Alec

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