Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Presenting: Molten Core

Right after announcing my Facebook/Twitter hiatus, my friend Steve (one of the people I saw while in Halifax) asked me if I would break it to retweet some videos of his.  I suggested I would either retweet them next week, or if he sent me the links, I would post them to my blog  which automatically publicizes on Twitter and Facebook anyway without me needing to log in.  He opted for the latter.

Molten Core is a project by Steve MacKay and Angy Firebomb.  The first song is an original of theirs called “Fat Vegetarian”.  As they say in the YouTube description of their song:

“If anyone gets all bent out of shape over the content of this song, please keep in mind that Angy used to be fat, and Steve used to be a vegetarian. So bite us. Or enjoy. We can’t tell you what to do with your lives.”

The second song is a cover of “Woman” by Wolfmother.

Hope you enjoy them.  I want to thank Steve once again for sending me the links.


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