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Facebook and Twitter break

I’m not in a great mood these days: it’s more of a vague ennui or dissatisfaction than anything overwhelmingly serious, though.  I’ve been feeling my life has been sinking further and further into habit these days.  I need more time alone than I’ve been getting, but it’s a little hard for me to just take off and get some “me” time at the moment.

I decided that effective midnight (Atlantic time) tonight, I’m going to give myself a week-long exile from both Facebook and Twitter.  I’m not deactivating my accounts, but I will not log in to either for one week ending midnight, Sunday April 22.   My blog automatically publicizes new posts to both accounts, so if anyone’s interested in finding out what’s happening with me, they can check the blog posts.  I just feel like I’m walking into a crowded room every time I’m logged in, just eavesdropping on conversations but not really having much to contribute to the party myself aside from re-posting things from others, and clicking the “like” button.  There are minutes, no, hours I’ve spent looking online at either of these sites that I would have been better off spending on something I really would have wanted to accomplish.  I guess I spend all this time on both sites to feel “connected” to people, but I don’t even feel that sometimes.  I actually think I use it as a substitute for real “space” at home.

I would take myself offline but I need to keep that line of communication open for the job hunt.   I’ll check my e-mail, but I hope without the time-sucks, I’ll be more inclined to go outside on walks for my space.

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One thought on “Facebook and Twitter break

  1. I think occasional social media breaks are a good thing to do. It really does change how you perceive the world. Not sure if you saw this article about Facebook/Twitter making us miserable, but it resonated for me:

    Enjoy your hiatus!

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