Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Answering my own questions…

How have I changed in the past ten years?

I’m a bit more pessimistic, to be honest.  I’m also considerably more politically outspoken, but while I do believe in fighting what I believe in, I’m realizing change is gradual, there’s always going to be some setback, and sometimes the fight is more to prevent things from getting much worse than it is to fix them.  I’ve figured out more what I believe and don’t believe, and am even more skeptical of religion and authority.  I’m more open to some experiences and my palate has changed somewhat, though I still shy away from some things.  I question my habits more.  I’ve come to accept my sexuality.  I’m less interested in being in a relationship than I am interested in getting other areas of my life sorted out right now, and I’m more aware that I don’t have as much together as I thought I did.  I’m fatter and balder, and more aware that I need my space.  I let go of hurt easier, more out of lack of interest of wasting energy than anything.

How have I stayed the same in the past ten years?

I still enjoy comedy and music a great deal.  I’m still curious about experiences and discovering new things.  I drink way too much Pepsi.  I’m very cautious, phlegmatic and awkward at times.  I focus too narrowly on the details.  I wile away hours on my hobbies and can shut the world out when I do them.  I’m concerned about the welfare of my pets, and I value the company of my friends.  I dislike being condescended to intensely.  I am worried about failure and have a need to prove myself.


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