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Welcome Diversion

I had a wonderful evening out with some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while (one of which I hadn’t seen in about eight years).  We met up in O’Donaghue’s in Chatham, hung around for a bit while more people joined the party, then headed down to Dooly’s for a few games of pool.  Gimp friendship bracelets were made (remember those?) as we exchanged EI high-fives, ideas, stories and memories over beers.  Time passes quickly when you’re laughing as hard as we were.

It’s raining now.  It snowed yesterday.  I don’t really care for ice and snow.  Bring on the warmer weather.  I think I mentioned before how I felt cheated out of summer last year with all the grey, miserable days and the lack of warm, sunny ones (that never seemed to align with my days off from work).  I at least hope this week will be productive, or at the very least, full of welcome diversion from sitting in front of screens.  Then again, the choice is mine to make.  I often forget this.



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2 thoughts on “Welcome Diversion

  1. Hey Ben:-) Happy belated birthday!!! I know thirty may seem old right now ( I remember it did to me) but, it isn’t- trust me, I’m older than you and no way near mature:-P
    Love what you do, friends and people who care, that is success, my friend.
    A big virtual butchy hug:-)

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