Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30


Feel like rubber stretching yet again,
feel like the blood pooling at the bottom of a sock.

I don’t see the corner and get blindsided.
I get knocked into the alleyway,
thinking about where I’m headed.
My thoughts are not taking form,
and my words are hesitant tonight.

I scream into the crevasse,
but my throat starts to hurt.

My energy is gone.

I need to rest but I’m going to stay awake for too long.

The lessons of the last week
evaporate with every day of my lame routine.
My mind can no longer function,
and I become a creature of habit
bound to my own limited attention span.

I seek the words
that fit
this melancholy,
this loss of spark.

I miss you, but I miss solitude more.


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One thought on “Mood

  1. Myself I’m a creature of habits too numerous to enumerate.

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