Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

35 before 35

  1. Complete all of the goals on my “30 Before 30” that I haven’t completed by the original deadline within the next three months (Deadline: July 2, 2012).
  2. Move to Halifax.
  3. Turn off the television for an entire month.
  4. Completely eliminate my backlog of unwatched movies and unread books to the point where I don’t buy anything new until I have everything watched.
  5. Pay off a substantial amount off my debt, if not all of it.
  6. Complete a collaborative artistic project with someone.
  7. Complete a novel.
  8. Complete a screenplay.
  9. Take more active involvement in a cause or group I support.
  10. Visit Alberta, Newfoundland and British Columbia for the first time.
  11. Buy a new bed.
  12. Visit New York City.
  13. Take a great self-portrait.
  14. Complete a full 365-day photo project.
  15. Become functional (if not fluent) in another language.
  16. Have a piece of writing published.
  17. Sell a photograph.
  18. Find a fashion style that works for me.
  19. Lose and keep off 50 lbs.
  20. Start saving for retirement.
  21. Buy Photoshop.
  22. Have my full driver’s license.
  23. Complete my professional website.
  24. Buy a really nice coat.
  25. Host a party.
  26. Travel to Europe.
  27. Learn to play the guitar.
  28. Write a song.
  29. Buy a record player (and start a collection of vinyl).
  30. Get back on a bike.
  31. Read 50 books I have always wanted to read (list coming soon).
  32. Learn to paint.
  33. Visit 10 national parks in Canada.
  34. Cut soft drinks from my diet.
  35. If all 34 other goals have been met before age 35, add 10 new goals for each year remaining until 35.

I decided to give myself that extension on those unmet 30 before 30 goals because I didn’t exactly want to give up on what I hadn’t achieved.  I’m still 30.  I will probably give an update on July 2nd for that particular goal, but I think I’ll save the progress reports on this list for my birthday each year.

I had an excellent birthday, by the way.  I’ll write more at length about my time in Halifax and Moncton later, but the opportunity time with people I don’t get to see too often was a birthday present in itself.


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One thought on “35 before 35

  1. I need to do this. Good idea.

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