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30 Before 30 list: The results

  1. Get my learner’s permit.  I still don’t have a driver’s license yet for a number of different reasons, including living in a college town for five years where you could walk everywhere, as well as all the time I spent in cities with (admittedly subpar) public transit.   I’m also a little wary of the expense of actually owning and driving a car, but being able to drive is a good skill to have, and for someone that likes to travel as much as I do, it would be worth looking into. COMPLETED
  2. Apply for my passport. STARTED
  3. Restore my internal clock from “night owl” to “early to bed, early to rise”.
  4. Set up a new layout for this blog. COMPLETED
  5. Finish my stack of unread books.
  6. Create a page on Existentialist Weightlifting for quick access of all my SNL reviews and essays; fix any typographical errors in previously posted reviews. PARTIALLY COMPLETED
  7. Finish reviewing the 1980-81 season of SNL (There are a grand total of 13 shows to review.  I’ve already finished four reviews, and am working on the fifth). 7/13 COMPLETED
  8. Watermark my photography and set up a true online portfolio. STARTED
  9. Take at least 10 new pictures of friends for my “simple portraits” series. 5/10 COMPLETED
  10. Go through my clothes and get rid of any that are in too bad shape or that I just don’t want. COMPLETED
  11. Send 30 letters to friends through snail mail.
  12. Complete all those drafts of letters I’ve started in GMail.
  13. Write 30 proper e-mails to those I don’t have drafts in my e-mail folder to.
  14. Do not buy a single DVD, CD or book unless it is a present for a family member’s birthday between the day I post this and the day I turn 30. COMPLETED
  15. Watch all unwatched DVDs purchased before September 2010.
  16. Have a completed piece of prose or poetry (as oppose to a more quickly written blog post) to post online. COMPLETED
  17. Have a completed drawing scanned and posted online.
  18. Spend my 30th birthday (or thereabout) in Halifax or another city besides Miramichi. COMPLETED
  19. Go without internet or computer access for one whole weekend. COMPLETED
  20. Transfer all my remaining ’97-’05 original broadcasts of SNL from tape to DVD. (10 episodes left)
  21. Go without fast food for one whole month. COMPLETED
  22. Go to one restaurant or bar in Miramichi I haven’t been to before. COMPLETED
  23. Sit down at my computer and free-write for one hour five times. 1/5 COMPLETED
  24. Have 100 applications for jobs completed at the very minimum, unless I am hired by the time I hit that number.  15-20 COMPLETED
  25. Go out for a 30-minute walk at least 30 times. 10 COMPLETED
  26. Go to the library ten times. 1 COMPLETED
  27. Go somewhere in New Brunswick where I’ve never been before.
  28. See at least one live music show. COMPLETED
  29. Plan and cook all my meals for one week. 3 DAYS COMPLETED
  30. Post the results of my 30 before 30 with annotation, and post my 35 before 35 on that same day.

I’ll actually post 35 Before 35 tomorrow.  I’ve been up since before 7 and travelled from Moncton tonight…I’m pretty exhausted.  Suffice to say, one of my goals will include completing the rest of these goals within a short period of time.

That said, 30 feels pretty good so far.  Spending the last week in the company of old friends certainly helps things.


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2 thoughts on “30 Before 30 list: The results

  1. you are doing quiet well on achieving your goals. What I like about your list is that it is doable and down to earth. Nothing too fancy or unachievable in short period of time.

    Way to go Ben!

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