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30 Before 30: Update five

This is my last progress report on my 30 Before 30 list: my deadline is next Monday, the 2nd.


  • I have my learner’s permit.  So far I’ve been practicing going forward, backing up, turning and signaling in a church parking lot that’s a bit out of town.
  • I’ve decided that my old address (the one with my full name on it) is going to be where my portfolio rests when it is done.
  • Went up to Bathurst with Kyle and shot his entry for my Simple Portraits series.
  • Booked my trip out of town for the week before my 30th birthday (I leave tomorrow).
  • Applied for more jobs.
  • Did one free write for one hour.
Needs work
  •  I’m thinking of seeing a live music performance while I’m in Halifax.
  • I still need to finish my letters.  I’m going to work on them this week (I say that all the time).
  • I’m trying to think of a timeline to accomplish all the other goals I won’t be able to meet in the next week.  I decided to incorporate this into my 35 before 35.

So I’ll be in Halifax from tomorrow until Sunday, then up to Moncton for a night.  If anyone wants to meet up or get a bite/drink or have me take a picture of you, let me know.  Offer only open to people that I have an idea who they are (sorry, murderers).


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One thought on “30 Before 30: Update five

  1. Sometimes I forget how much older I am than all my internet friends… Happy 30th! I’m digging my 30’s so far. 🙂 Also, best of luck with the portfolio!

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