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The short term and the long term

So, you may have noticed that my blog has gone from one address to another.  While I had wanted to start an official website that included my full name and would end up serving as a professional space for myself, I eventually started to realize that sometimes my posts would be a little strident when it comes to political matters and issues regarding sexuality and gender.  I also had some material in my writing that may have been a bit too decadent.  While something that’s posted online is there in perpetuity, I figured the best way to get around Googles of my full name (especially while job hunting) would be to use that space for a professional site (under construction right now…I also purchased the domain name), and move the blog content to something slightly more anonymous.  The post where I had some stuff I was shortlisting for my photography portfolio I took off for now: the pictures still exist but I will post my final portfolio on the other site.  I’ll still gladly share this site and use my first name, but my last name is rare enough to easily track myself down.  Better scrub it for now.

I hope this frees me up in terms of the content I provide in the blog.  I was a little apprehensive to do free-writes with spelling errors, references to sex and drink and so forth once I thought about the Google problem (not just for Santorum anymore).  I also decided to import material from a few previous blogs I kept over the last few years: this is an incentive to keep writing and taking pictures.  I’m publicizing the posts for now, but my Facebook posts are friends-only and I took my last name off Twitter (it still lingers in the search results, though).

It kind of ties into something I’ve been thinking about.  I’ve always been intrigued by the possibility of just uprooting my life and starting fresh somewhere else.  I wonder if I would be able to pull it off, though.  Halifax isn’t that big a leap for me because I’m going to a place that’s close enough to my family, and I know a lot of people there, but I still sometimes have this urge to go further away, into a place where I may not no anyone.  I’ve always liked the possibility of reinvention and have been inspired by people making big changes in their lives.  Maybe this is something to think about in the long term?


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