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Wiling away

I’m considering getting a paper journal to write in, just to log the day’s occurrences in a place, keep track of where I’ve been and any stray thoughts that I don’t think would be worth posting here.   Might be good to keep one while I’m out of town: I’ve always thought of keeping log of thoughts in my head when I took trips before, but I have already put scraps of my writing in the various notebooks I keep.

Where does the time go?  I’m just letting myself waste time on Discogs, looking at pictures of old CDs, records and cassettes while I listen to my jazz playlist in iTunes.  I love jazz, but I need to pay attention to it to fully enjoy it.  It doesn’t work as background music for me.  I was 16 when I bought a CD of Kind Of Blue.  I know, it’s cliche to use it as an introduction to the genre, seeing as it’s everyone’s gateway drug into jazz, but hey, it worked for me.

For everything I accomplish, there’s still a lot of time being idled away.  I guess it’s not an especially bad thing, but I can’t help but have a little guilt when I don’t work on my photography portfolio, SNL reviews or even cutting down on that stack of unwatched DVDs.  I’ve come to the realization that those are things I have to do when I’m actually in the mood to do them.   I don’t expect to have all of my 30 Before 30 list done before my birthday, and I think its served its purpose pretty well.

I still think I might need to do a free write sometime.  Not on here…just in a word document where I type blindly for an hour.  I might assemble what I let out into a more polished piece of work, but then again, I may not.  Sorry to come off as a little coy here.

My iPod Touch is loaded as full as possible with the works of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Cockburn these days.  I just had an urge to spend some time alone with their words and music.


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One thought on “Wiling away

  1. Tom Waits! Seeing him live, after being a fan for 20 years, was as close to nirvana as I ever expect to get on this earth. He takes ya places, that’s for sure.

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