Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30


I think I need to take a breather from the Rush Limbaughs, Patricia Heatons and Kirk Camerons of the world.  Out of the two, though, I still have to think Rush’s remarks were worse: my blood starts to boil every time I think of what he said.  I’m glad Fluke doesn’t accept his apology (which seemed more about saving his brand and not actually admitting Fluke did not deserve three days of on-air slander), and I’m glad he is facing the consequences for behavior that is disgusting regardless of what politics are behind it.

Maybe I just need to immerse myself in pockets of joy wherever I may find them.  Life’s too short to waste in anger.  I’m thinking of things that would be better uses of my time than stewing over shit that I can’t control.  Listening to the music of Miles Davis, Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt, for example.  Losing myself in my books and finding myself in my own words.  Watching a heavenly two minute brain cleanse.  Dreaming of places I want to visit: New York, Europe, Newfoundland.


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One thought on “Cooldown

  1. Pogue Mahone on said:

    You know what is good to lessen stress? Sitting outside in the sun, feeling the breeze, smelling fresh air and reading a good book. I highly recommend it!

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