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Blog comment gripe

I’ve been having trouble posting comments on other blogs lately, particularly ones hosted on Blogger.  If it doesn’t have a place for me to enter my name and URL, and I have to use my openID to include my WordPress login, it either doesn’t go to the Captcha verification stage once it’s logged in, or if the comments and Captcha are on a separate page, it keeps giving me an error message about how the letters I type didn’t match even if I did type everything correctly.

Is anyone else having this problem?  Is there an actual solution besides using my Google ID (which I don’t want to do)?


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2 thoughts on “Blog comment gripe

  1. I often have problems leaving comments on blogger, I’ve even been known to give up.

  2. It’s because Blogger has multiple options for setting up comments. I’ve struggled with it as a blogger user. The settings the actual blog holder chooses can determine how complicated posting a comment becomes. Unfortunately the only way to make comments easy also opens up comments to a lot of spam.

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