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Kirk Cameron, 8, cats and scheduling

I had been thinking of writing a whole rant about Kirk Cameron spewing his fundamentalist views about homosexuality on Piers Morgan, but I figured that his views weren’t terribly surprising or really worth getting into a tizzy about.  Morgan should have been more critical, though.  Even the booking of Kirk Cameron to begin with is a big question mark: the only people who really have much interest in what he has to day are the evangelicals.  Bah.  I don’t even watch Piers Morgan.  There are bigger threats to my rights than a onetime teen heartthrob who’s largely eschewed his mainstream fame for the evangelical community in the last 20 years.

I didn’t get a chance to watch the livestream of “8”, the reading of Dustin Lance Black’s play taken from the transcripts of the Proposition 8 trial but fortunately they put an official Youtube video of the play online.  I just finished watching it: I highly recommend you watch it as well: it’s very well done, and surprisingly emotional.  You can check it out here.  (Link is HD).

I’ve been volunteering from time to time at the local SPCA.  What I mainly do is just give some needed attention to the cats.  For some reason, cats really seem to like me.

I wonder if I should explicitly schedule part of my days.  It might be a good idea for me to commit to spending specific periods of time on certain tasks just to make sure they get accomplished.  What kind of threw me off in the last week were some days when I felt more tired than usual, took a nap, and felt out of whack for the rest of the time.  Tonight, the computer goes off at 12:30 Atlantic time, the iPod stays on for a little bit longer for a bit more Twitter time.  There’s enough I want to do tomorrow.


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4 thoughts on “Kirk Cameron, 8, cats and scheduling

  1. “8” was great, glad you got to see it… and good point on Piers Morgan, the booking may have been attention-grabbing and cynical as there was no timely reason for him to be on. Was fascinating train wreck television though, and better to have the haters out in the open…

  2. Pogue Mahone on said:

    Not everyone does agree with homosexuality(or with many things) but everyone still does have the right to their beliefs and to be able to freely express them, that is what democracy and freedom of speech is; you may not agree with someone but you should defend their right to express it.

    • It’s Cameron’s right to express his views, but it’s also the media’s responsibility to present context for comments that denigrate a whole group of people like his did, and to present a fair challenge the viewpoint. This could be said for any issue, any side of the political spectrum.

  3. I saw the Kirk Cameron interview…made me a bit sick. When asked if one of his children (6) came to him and said he was gay, he said he help them by telling them it was wrong. Ass!!!!

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