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Thoughts on Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh’s sexist remarks about Sandra Fluke sicken me.  There are already enough responses that articulate their rage better than I can, such as A Manifesta by apbblue, but the whole thing has been on my mind for the last few days.  There was absolutely no need for Limbaugh to go for three days slandering a young woman for testifying in favor of contraception coverage on behalf of a friend who uses it for non-sexual reasons.  The thing that angers me the most is Limbaugh’s demand that Fluke and other women post sex videos of themselves.  Anyway, sponsors have (rightfully) dropped him, and he has issued an apology for his “choice of words”, but like people who apologize “if people were offended”, it really comes off as insincere.  The whole thing only came after the boycott.  Limbaugh is essentially only sorry he got punished.

His apology does not make it all better.  The nasty, cruel things he says are deliberate.  They are not just said to provoke the right-wing listener base into a frenzy: it is the basis of his multimillon dollar empire.


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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Rush Limbaugh

  1. Agreed, he only apologized because his advertisers started to bail. And after being loud over and over for days here, he then quietly posts a semi-apology.

    As some people have ably tweeted, he stands his (bigoted) ground until it costs him money, then he backtracks… who’s the prostitute now, Rush?

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  3. Thank you for reading and linking to my blog post. I agree with yours as well. What he did to Sandra Fluke — and his weak-ass “apology” — is inexcusable.

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