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Sent messages

I got something in the mail today from a friend who I sort of knew when we were both in Moncton, but ended up connecting a bit better on the Internet than in meatspace.  There’s something satisfying about getting an actual piece of mail that isn’t just a bill.  I especially appreciate it when people take the time to actually print or handwrite at length…there seems to be a greater investment in what’s written when someone takes pen to paper.

I’ve stated before that as part of my 30 Before 30 I wanted to finish all the unfinished draft e-mails I had started before I started my list of goals, and then send at least 30 new e-mails out.  I also wanted to send 30 pieces of “snail mail” out before that time.  I’m still having trouble deciding what kind of message to send to whom: I know I have three people so far that I will definitely send a snail mail letter to, but I’m still juggling the possibilities.

If you want me to send you an e-mail or an actual physical letter, please let me know.


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