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Goals and strategies

One thing I’m gaining from doing this 30 before 30 project is the importance of setting achievable goals.  Setting goals is a good thing to do, but more important is actually committing to them.  Once I actually fully commit to achieving the goal, I seem to do a lot better at getting things accomplished.

I touched on this before when I talked about shutting the computer off for the weekend: when I don’t have anything to do, I just wait around and kill time.  I’m fighting this more and more these days, trying to find little projects to occupy the time and get me closer towards a better state.  I hate being in limbo, but I realize that the best way to get out of it is to be the one looking for an exit.  Kaitlyn Hatch, a life coach, wrote a post recently that seemed to sync up with what I’ve discovered over the course of the last month and a half: if you want to achieve something, it’s up to you to go for it.

I’m thinking a bit about some of the goals I have in the near future thanks to this project.  Some of these goals are goals in themselves, and others are incremental steps towards achieving other aims of mine.  I also find that posting some of these goals in a public space like this blog is a way to hold myself accountable.  There are a few things I want to keep as a priority this week that I’ve already posted about, but I’m also working on developing strategies towards keeping on task.

What I want to start doing this week is actually work on the whole internal-clock issue.  I propose that I’m going to start turning off the computer at midnight every night, starting tonight.    The iPod will go off an hour later.  I’m thinking gradual is the best strategy here.

What are some of your strategies for achieving goals?


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One thought on “Goals and strategies

  1. goals? how about making a list of things that you want to do that make your heart skip a beat? How about realizing what you are passionate about? I am assuming that there is a difference between goals and things that make you happy.

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