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Another goal accomplished

I actually stayed offline all weekend.  Go me!

I realized that I waste a lot of time on the computer, but forcing myself to turn off my computer and iPod for a whole weekend made me put the amount of time I spend online into perspective.  For all the connection to the world it gives me, I really didn’t feel particularly isolated without it after a while: maybe it’s only because I knew this was a temporary measure on my own volition, but I actually thought stepping away from the computer freed me up to do a few different activities that I enjoy, but usually don’t pursue because I’m always waiting for another e-mail, message board post, or an update in my blog stats.  The internet has become background noise for me.  This weekend has forced me to ask myself how I’m using my time online: I think my next (unofficial) goal is to set times each day when I avoid the computer and just find something else to do.

Sometimes, when I’m online, I have to ask myself: am I really connecting with other people or am I hiding from them here?  The internet has helped me find people with similar interests and tastes when I haven’t been surrounded by too many who share them with me, and it’s a place where I feel a little more comfortable getting to know people.  I don’t want to end up living in front of a screen, though.   There’s too much out there that I want to experience, and I was pushing some of that away in favor of finding some detailed information on trivial matters.

I’m grateful for the potential of the Internet.  It’s a valuable tool for gathering information and connecting with other people.  But at some point it becomes a crutch.


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4 thoughts on “Another goal accomplished

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like it was a rewarding experience. A great example of how you can surprise yourself.

  2. “The internet has become background noise for me.”

    This is particularly apt. I can definitely relate. There is something totally seductive about wasting time online — so much to look at, so much to take in, so much information just sitting out there, waiting.

    And I think you’re right that there’s also something fantastic about making connections online. Certainly, the internet makes a wealth of knowledge available — new ways of thinking and totally foreign opinions are only a few clicks away. I suppose the key is learning how to partition ‘real’ life from ‘online’ life. I certainly don’t have that one figured out yet. It becomes, of course, exponentially more challenging when you’re trying to get a creative career off the ground, as you well know…

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