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30 Before 30 List: Update three

Once again, time for my bi-weekly 30 Before 30 update:


  • I’ve gone ahead and studied the New Brunswick driver’s manual, but I haven’t actually booked a sitting with the driver examiner to take the test for my learner’s permit.
  • Still no fast food this month.  I’m quite proud of this, actually.  Once the month is done, I may crave something but I’m going to keep track of how often I get fast food and try to keep it at a minimum.
  • I started applying for jobs again.
  • Still avoiding new purchases of DVDs, books and CDs, and still going through my unwatched pile.
  • I’ve started going through photos and watermarking them for my portfolio.

To work on:

  • I didn’t get around to taking any new portraits for my Simple Portraits series, but I will get something done in the next two weeks.
  • This is going to be the time I plan my week of meals.   I actually cooked burgers from scratch on Wednesday and did a pretty good job at it, but I’m going to look for some different recipes to try.  One thing I’m thinking of trying is lasagna.
  • As I’ve posted, I’m doing a self-imposed exile from the internet starting later tonight, and will not use a computer until Monday morning.  This actually would be a good time to work on some of my other goals.
  • Book an appointment with the driver examiner.
  • Complete my passport application.

I’m still thinking about what I’m going to do with my 35 before 35.  Most of what I want to accomplish is travel-related: I’m looking for suggestions for goals for that list.

Have a good weekend!


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