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Looking forward from 30

Wasting money

One thing that I’ve noticed since starting my 30 before 30 list is that I had really been spending a lot of money on DVDs and eating out.  I’ve mainly been using the money I’ve been saving to put additional payments towards various balances I have.  I’ve been thinking, though, that even after the 30 after 30 is done, I may still keep my book, movie and music purchases to a minimum for a little while, at least until I reach a certain financial goal.  There’s way too much to life that I’ve sold out for some of these things, and I think part of getting older is realizing how experience is so much better than just collecting stuff.

The whole fast food thing is partially to get me eating a little better than I have been, but even so, the money I used to spend on the stuff adds up after a little while.  My sister may have indirectly influenced me in this goal: she lives in a village where there’s no fast food restaurants, and the nearest one is a plane ride away.  While she was home over the holidays, she found that she just didn’t have the same appetite for the stuff as she did before she moved away.  It got me thinking: do I actually like a lot of the food or do I crave it because it’s familiar and convenient?

I’m trying to think of other ways I could save money.  I have a tax-free savings account that I contribute to a little every month, but I’m considering other measures to cut expenses and have a little more wiggle room when it comes to finances, just in case something big comes up.  What works for you?


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