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One thing I’ve been thinking about lately when preparing to move to Halifax is the neighborhood where I would look for an apartment.  I have to take a few things into consideration: expense, proximity to my workplace, the safety of the neighborhood, building security and whether they allow pets.  Obviously, I won’t choose a place until I know what it is I’ll actually be doing for money, but I want to get as much feedback on this topic as I can.

I’ve heard various things from different friends, but so far I’ve heard:

  • Near the Universities is expensive.  (Makes sense).
  • The North End has the seedy vibe but is actually not as bad as its reputation and has a lot going on on a cultural level.
  • Stay out of Spryfield and Highfield Park
  • Inconsistent testimony about Clayton Park.

I’m soliciting help on this issue from Haligonians and Dartmouthians alike: What neighborhoods should I consider?  Which ones should I avoid at all costs?

Anyone who doesn’t live in Halifax or Dartmouth, feel free to comment at length about the good and bad neighborhoods in your city.


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2 thoughts on “Neighborhoods

  1. I live on young street between oxford and connolly street. They have some empty apartments available. I love living here because a) it’s in a residential area. b) the apartments themselves are unique because they used to be old houses. They include hardwood floors and other unique touches. (I have a fold down desk and fold down ironing board and a spice cupboard c) they are close to EVERYTHING. I get to any type of store I want or need within 5 to 15 minutes of walking. (Halifax shopping centre, superstore, sobeys, local coffee shop, corner store, and more. d)Includes parking(which can be rare here is halifax). I have a cat and it is totally okay to have pets except dogs…. although there is a dog that visits my neighbor quite often. e) There are new owners which have been fixing the places up quite well. They know what they are doing and are very kind and easy going. f) It’s a quite hood. You will have no complaints. Everyone keeps to themselves and does not mind loud music as long as you keep it quite after 11pm.
    The name is “City Centre Property Management” 902-453-6707

    I have been living here for over 2 years and I have never had a problem or complaint. It’s my most favourite apartment I have ever had and I’ve been in a lot! They own quite a few buildings. But for reference I live in the building 6461 Young Street. I happen to know for a fact that the apartment across the hall from me is empty and they spent weeks fixing it up. I guess it’s quite nice.

    Hope this helps!

    Your fellow Tweeter. @becHB

  2. Elinor Crosby on said:

    I live in the North End, but waaaaay way north. Past all the sketchy bits, in a residential neighbourhood. I am still on the the peninnsula, my rent is wicked cheap, I am hood-adjacent, and on a bus route that will get me both downtown or up to Halifax Shopping Centre. Right now during the bus strike I am feeling a bit isolated, but I still lovemy neighbourhood. I have been int eh same building for 15 years. If anything opens up in it, I will let you know.

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