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30 Before 30 list: Update two

It’s time for my bi-weekly update on my 30 Before 30 list:


  • I have the paperwork to fill out to apply for my passport.  I just need to make sure I fill it out correctly and quickly, and I’m going to visit the Service Canada office to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes.  This passport will be necessary for some of my 35 Before 35 list goals.
  • I wrote a quickly-written poem about a bar I went to in my college years.  I’m going to get to work on a short story soon.
  • I started my month without fast food.  I can’t say I’m really craving it too much, although I’ve had some home-made fries and gravy andI did have a poutine as a side at a local restaurant once, so I haven’t been completely good.  The fries at the Kingsway are just too good.
  • Likewise, the only CD, DVD or book I bought was a present for my sister’s birthday.  I’m really starting to save some money.
  • I finally completed my SNL Review index for the other blog, and once I finish my next review, I’ll be at the halfway mark for the season.

Needs work:

  • A lot of the easier to accomplish things, like going for a walk and going to bed at a decent hour.  This is why I’m a little down this week: I felt myself fall victim to some old habits.
  • On that note, I’m going to force myself to get out of the house more this weekend (weather permitting) and next week.  Errands do not count.
  • I really need to actually psych myself into applying for jobs…I scan CareerBeacon every day now but too many postings look like call centres or are things I’m explicitly not qualified for.  Some of this is based on my doubts about Halifax that I wrote about earlier this week: if I get a job there, what good is it if I can’t make it to work?  I decided this has to change, though: I’m just going to apply for a number of jobs tonight.  Is there a best time and a worst time to do the job application?
  • I’m going to start some letters and e-mails to people this weekend.  I also will have at least one portrait taken by the time I do the next update.  It bothers me when I let myself leave my camera in the bag by my bed.  If you are reading this, and want me to take your picture someday, leave a comment.  (I’m doing a single natural light portrait of people I know for a personal project: I have four completed at the moment).

It has been a disappointing two weeks on a personal level, but I did achieve some of my goals, and I can only hope to build on those over the next fortnight.


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One thought on “30 Before 30 list: Update two

  1. I hate to add to your list but I think not beating yourself up for being human really needs to be added.

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