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I’ve been thinking about the whole relocation game I’m about to embark on.  Right now, Halifax is in the middle of a transit strike, and since I currently don’t drive, I’d rely on bus service to get me to work.   When I lived in Riverview, I just lived across the street from where I worked, but I think this time I need a little bit more physical space between my home life and my place of employment, thank you very much.  The city seems to be a magnet for work stoppages lately: there’s also a possible water strike, and now the local paper’s facing a strike of their own.  I think it might be wise to wait until the buses are up and running again.

I decided at first to move to Halifax because I had a great time there last summer: it’s a big enough city to support some of the tangibles I’d look for in any city (good nightlife, decent restaurant selection, culture), and I know enough people there for a move to not be as big a reset in terms of my social life.  I love the place.  I’m wondering, though, if I need to go a bit further afield.   It may be my chronic overthinking starting up again: I’m just starting to feel boxed into something even if I’m not completely committed.  Is this a time for me to see how far out of my comfort zone I should go?  Toronto?  Montreal?  A smaller city that’s still has the tangibles?  I don’t think I could take Fort McMurray.

I have more reason to go to Halifax than to stay in Miramichi.  The longer I stay here, the more off-track I feel.  I’m more aware of the passage of time and my own inertia.


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3 thoughts on “Relocation

  1. What about somewhere outside of Canada?

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