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Looking forward from 30

Ready or not

Lights are bright and my head pounds.  I feel mentally blocked, as well as a sense of impotent rage over some things in the news these days.  Do I just ignore what’s going on, though?

I’m thinking more about what I risk when I speak my mind and chase my truth.  I spread awareness of causes that are important to me, such as gay rights and other social justice issues, but I need to take a more active involvement: sometimes I feel like this is all I can do where I am.  Am I not willing to do any more than inform people of what is going on?  Sometimes I think what I do is spread the word in the hope that someone with a more active role in making change does all the hard work for me.  Is this cautiousness or cowardice?

I wonder to what level I’m still trying to please others.  I’m making small changes here and there, but I get so impatient with where I am.


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2 thoughts on “Ready or not

  1. I fight the same urge and often want to do more. (Really, the area that I live in has a lot of opportunities to be an activist.)

    Small changes can make a big difference overtime especially if the small changes are consistent.

  2. Each new post becomes more brave. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

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