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I read a number of blogs regularly.  Sometimes there will be a post that gets my attention, and they address the issue in a way that I feel that any attempt on my part would be superfluous.  The great Schmutzie has this regular feature on her blog called Five Star Friday where she has readers submit other peoples’ blog posts (as opposed to their own) that they’ve found to be excellent pieces of writing on the web.  I don’t think I’ll make it a regularly scheduled segment, but I like sharing good writing and good ideas as well, and I’m going to share a few posts I’ve read lately:

When did it become ok to be dumb? – Julie Laurin writes about the working world’s tendency towards encouraging mediocrity over creativity, innovation and intelligence.

Cynthia Nixon’s remarks about her choosing being gay, the backlash that ensued, and her damage control have already been covered in the press extensively, but I found a few good individual reactions to the controversy by Brahm of Alfred Lives Here, CanuckJacq of Gaelick and Sulli of We Were Going To Be Queens.

Graeme DeCarie normally devotes his blog to ripping apart the journalistic shortcomings of Moncton’s daily newspaper, but on one post, he takes some time to share his secret for doing well in school despite bad habits derailing his studies at first.

The Ghost Of Identities Past – Lee Harrington writes about how changing identity does not necessarily make any previous selves less authentic.

I have a lot of things on my mind these days, including a few things in the news, but tonight’s not the night for epiphanies or soapbox rants.  It’s a better night to step back, get some reading done, and relax.


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout!

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