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Fast food

I have decided to start my one month without fast food today.  I have still yet to fully define what counts as “fast food”: I know I will not be stopping in at A&W, KFC, Burger King or McDonald’s anytime today or the following twenty-eight days, but I’m still on the fence about Subway or Ed’s Sub, and whether pizza restaurants count as well.  I’m also thinking of avoiding fries as a side when I go to restaurants, but I’m a notoriously fussy eater.  I’m thinking of trying to cut down on the pop too.


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2 thoughts on “Fast food

  1. The sandwich places are a grey area in terms of fast food; they are fast, but not greasy. I think pizza’s ok as long as its a social outing and not a choice of convenience over quality.

  2. Pizza fast food if you have it delivered. Fries are fast food. I’m a fussy eater too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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