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My dream photo project

I’ve had this idea in the back of my head where I would go to the different towns and cities where I’ve lived growing up and take pictures of them at equal intervals over a period of time.  I’ve lived as far east as Pictou, Nova Scotia, and as far west as Regina, Saskatchewan.  I’ve also been fascinated by old pictures I’ve seen of familiar places: I like seeing photography of cities that aren’t restricted to the postcard shots, but have a certain frame of reference that is still recognizable to anyone who’s lived there, no matter which part of the city you actually lived in.  I also like seeing footage of the more mundane aspects of the past: city streets, storefronts, etc.

I did try a tentative start to the whole project back in the summer of 2010, but I was unhappy with the pictures I took.  Part of the issue is that I didn’t make a very specific plan of when and what I would shoot.  I also hadn’t bought my second lens yet, and wasn’t as used to what I could do with the camera.  I felt like I was being rushed at the time, so that may account for some of my negative feelings about the first attempt.

The way I see this playing out, I would focus on maybe doing the places in Atlantic Canada one year, the places in Ontario another, and Manitoba and Saskatchewan a third year.  This would also document my growth as a photographer.


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One thought on “My dream photo project

  1. sounds like a great project. Would love to see your photos and see your dream come true

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